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More than just a business

Tuesday started out like any other day of getting orders together for our much appreciated customers. We got a phone call from another trophy shop explaining that they are facing a medical emergency and they don't know what to do about their customers who need items. They plan on working again but only when their emergency is under control. We didn't hesitate in telling this shop we would be glad to help their customers. I also wanted to make sure that they were able to send us the art files so we can match the customer's request as equally as possible. Some people would look at this as competition and maybe it is, but I choose to look at this as teamwork taking care of these customers and then this shop can double back when they catch their breath.

From one small business owner to another we wish them health and healing and will help out in any capacity we can. One day we may be in the same situation, and hope that our customers will be taken care of and thought of ad the most important in the business.

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